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Often life’s difficulties becomes too challenging to handle on one’s own. You may have thoughts and feelings that are painful and confusing. Seeking out therapy is a positive first step and not something shameful. If you had a broken leg, you would seek out an orthopedic surgeon. Similarly, if your heart or head are not working optimally for you, it is important to find assistance.

Whether you are in therapy individually or as part of a couple, therapy requires patience, openness and respect to be successful. My style is direct, and to-the-point but also empathic and thoughtful.

I offer psychological services for adults, couples and teens. I also offer support services for individuals and families experiencing a life threatening illness. Additionally, services for couples who are divorced or divorcing may involve establishing an appropriate parenting schedule and outlining a parallel parenting plan.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Marin County, California. I earned my doctoral degree (Psy.D.) from the California School of Professional Psychology-Alameda. My doctoral study, “Female business professionals’ perceptions of themselves and others in the workplace”, was a marriage of my knowledge and interest of business and psychology.